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Stratocaster Shootout Podcast Test  

On 10/27/2016 I set up a quick recording to compare my three Stratocasters.  I wanted to hear the differences between them to see if one sounds best.  The three guitars are: Felix The Strat a 1988 Fender American Standard Stratocaster (Pewter), a 2015 Fender Special Edition David Lozeau Art Series Standard Stratocaster (Blue Dragons), and Sonic The Shredhog a 2012 Warmoth hardtail Stratocaster (Sonic Blue).  The American Standard Stratocaster has Seymour Duncan pickups in it: Custom Stack Plus (STK-S6) in the Bridge, Classic Stack Plus (STK-S4m) in the Middle, and a Classic Stack Plus (STK-S4n) in the neck.  The Dragons Stratocaster has Fender Standard Stratocaster pickups in all positions.  The Warmoth has DiMarzio pickups in it: Injector (DP423) in the Bridge, Area '61 (DP416) in the Middle, and Injector (DP422) in the Neck.  All examples were played through a 2014 Fender Blues Junior Tweed amp with a Jensen C12N speaker that has been modified by Rob Chafe with the "kitchen sink" mod.  There was a 10' Live Wires cable between the guitars and amp.  My voice was recorded with an Audio Technica AT2035 and the amp was recorded with a Sennheiser e609 Silver.  Everything was recorded and mixed on a Tascam DP-24.  WARNING: My playing is very sloppy in this.  I'm sorry.