Ty's Story

Ty Barnes is a guitar player from Worthington, Ohio.  His music spans quaint ballads to mild power pop and experimental rock all the way to straight out rockers both instrumental and vocal-based.

Ty has been in love with guitar from a very young age; "April 10, 1984 is the date I 'officially' started playing guitar because that was the day my Dad bought me my first 'good' guitar - a Cort Stratocaster copy from Chuck Dailey's Guitar Shop." From that day on, Ty never looked back!  The guitar has been at the center of his life ever since.

Influenced by such artists as The Beatles, Steely Dan, and The Police, Ty has been inspired by multiple guitarists.   His primary influence is Jeff Beck, "I like so many guitarists: Van Halen, Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen, Petrucci, Lukather, Tabor, but Jeff Beck always bubbles to the top.  He is constantly evolving, always relevant, and inventive!  Jeff Beck has no equal."